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Top 10 Student Apps

Top 10 Student Apps
Profiling 10 Student Friendly Apps

Technology has become part of our daily lives, providing convenience of use at our fingertips for many vices.

This blog feature identifies and profiles the top 10 student apps. These apps are for use inside and outside the classroom.

1. SoundNote (iOS):
This app brings the lecture to your mobile device. Used as a notepad or audio recorder, the app allows the user to store an entire lecture in both visual and audio format. To capture information from a whiteboard, OfficeLens allows the photography of a whiteboard, which is converted into pdf, Word or PowerPoint format. These files are stored via OneNote or OneDrive which can be accessed for revision purposes.

2. Load Shedding Notifier:
This app gives the user the convenience of being alerted of load shedding before the lights go off. The load shedding schedule informs the user in advance of load shedding in their areas. Being privy to this allows the user to be prepared in advance for the hours without power.

3. miEBooks:
An interactive e-reader that enhances the readers reading and studying experience. This app allows users to add notes and sketches to specific sections of an e-book.

4. 22seven:
Stay within your budget by monitoring your expenditure and transactions, keeping your finances healthy. This app also allows the user the convenience of linking all their accounts; including cheque, savings, credit and store cards, rewards programmes, investments and loans so that you can keep all of this in one place. Using the same security and encryption as the banks, the user’s online transactions are kept safe from scams and phishing.

5. Unitehood:
A security app that keeps you connected to friends and family at all times. The app allows users to signal family and/ or friends with 5km's of them if your safety is compromised. The app has five distinct functions namely; i) Crime, ii) Assistance, iii) Panic, iv) Track me, v) Track suspect.

6. SoundCloud and Spotify:
Stream your favourite music using these apps. With music and artists from all over the world; commercial, independent or alternative; these music streaming apps have got the beat that you are looking for. Download the app, create a profile and be serenaded by your favourite sounds.

7. TrueCaller:
Know the identity of your caller and messenger with this app. TrueCaller screens the identity of your caller, giving the user the discretion to answer or ignore. The app also allows the user to block calls and messages from unwanted parties.
8. Bolt (formerly Taxify) and Uber:
No car? No problem. Among the most popular apps on the market, these e-hailing apps take you from A to B in an affordable and convenient manner. Pin your pickup point and your destination, check the price, request and be on your way.

9. CamScanner:
Have the capability of a scanner on your phone with CamScanner. Take a photo of a document with your phone's camera, convert it to a PDF document and use it as an official document.

10. EasyBib:
A bibliography helper app that checks your assessments for plagiarism, grammar, and spelling errors. The app also collates your authors providing a qualified bibliography/ reference list at the end of your assignment.

Westwood Lodge provides high speed and secured WiFi to residents, ensuring accessibility to these convenient and helpful apps. Download and use these apps at your leisure, for school and entertainment purposes.